The Habbo NFT project

In 2021 the team behind the iconic 21 year old game Habbo released two NFT collections on OpenSea: a genesis collection of 11,600 Habbo Avatars for use in-game with a selection of in-game perks, and a profile picture collection named Habbo Portraits.

After airdropping the first ever NFT furni to avatar owners in late 2021, the team is now building out an entire ecosystem of Habbo NFTs on Immutable and has recently released a NFT credits to support it.

Check the roadmap section of this website to find out more about the future of Habbo NFTs.


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Download our game deck to get a more in depth picture of our project

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Minting for both Habbo Avatars and Habbo Portraits has finished. Make sure to follow us on Discord and Twitter to get updates about further drops and developments.

Check our Immutable X furni page for NFT furni listings.

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Our team

Our Team

The Habbo Avatar project is something we planned and executed ourselves, in-house. Members of the Habbo art and developer teams have been involved, as well as staff from Sulake’s community team. We didn’t outsource much of it, and it’s something we see as a long term thing that will grow and eventually contribute to other areas of Habbo, and indeed Hotel Hideaway.

A special mention should go to the project’s mastermind: Muumiopappa. Muumiopappa is a gaming and NFT fanatic based out of Helsinki, Finland. He’s the lead game designer for Habbo’s sister game, Hotel Hideaway, and his background is in data and computer science. He’s also an avid NFT collector, having got his two Bored Apes as they were minted. He also owns a fair amount of other NFTs in various blockchains; including Tezos and Flow. Finally, he is also a huge believer in play to earn mechanics and NFTs in general.

Habbo Avatars has been a really, really fun thing to work on. We’re super excited to see what happens next and where we go next.

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Carbon Offset

Offsetting carbon

Habbo NFTs are spread across two blockchains: Ethereum and Immutable X, a layer 2 scaling solution. Habbo Avatars, Habbo Portraits, and Habbo X rooms are all found on Ethereum Mainnet, while items like furniture and clothing are all located on Immutable X.

In the latter part of 2022, Ethereum successfully transitioned to a Proof of Stake model, whereby instead of relying on computational mining activity like, for example, Bitcoin does, it relies on financial collateral. This has drastically increased Ethereum’s energy efficiency.

Immutable X is a layer 2 scaling solution. In basic terms, it’s a separate blockchain that extends Ethereum and inherits its security guarantees. The main benefits of using a layer 2 like Immutable X is that transactions are much faster and require less computing power. Importantly, these don’t come at the cost of security.

Regardless of our use of Immutable X and the significant improvements made with Ethereum’s upgrade to Proof of Stake, we’re proud to have partnered with Offsetra to ensure Habbo Avatars was a carbon negative release. Exactly how much carbon we’ve offset, which projects we’ve invested in, and other more in depth information can be found on our Offsetra profile page.