Habbo NFT Roadmap 2022

We are extremely happy to present the roadmap as it stands today. The NFT space is very dynamic and we navigate that on a daily basis to create the best possible project with the findings of our team and feedback from our community. So, below you’ll find rough estimates and not firm commitments.

The detailed designs for a lot of things are in the works and are being iterated day by day. Of course, we will release information in our Discord server and on Twitter when topics are more finalised so you can see how things will work.

We’ve included each of the below points right at the bottom of the page in text so that it’s easier to translate for non-English speakers.

Roadmap 2023

Q4 2021 (October – December)

  • Release of Habbo Avatars and Habbo Portraits
  • HC/BC perk implementation / All avatars get their holders active Habbo Club (HC) and Builders Club (BC) membership in the Hotel.
  • NFT Advent Calendar / We gave away over 25 NFTs from collections such as MAYC, Ape Gang, and Mekaverse.
  • First ever NFT furni / We airdropped a Diamond HC Sofa to all avatar holders.
  • Full avatar integration / Avatars are fully integrated and can be used in Habbo.

Q1 2022 (January – March)

  • NFT credits + credit furni
  • NFT crafting release / We will release free or low cost NFTs that you can combine in different ways using NFT credits. The functionality will exist on our website.
  • Holo Steampunk NFT furni airdrop / We will airdrop NFTs for people to craft. Habbos and holders get slightly rarer colours.
  • Trait change feature – pitch and voting. / We will pitch a trait editing feature for Habbo Avatars and we will allow holders to vote on the pitch. The feature will allow holders to use NFT credits to change very specific traits on their avatars. If the pitch is accepted, we plan to implement this in Q2/Q3.

Q2 2022 (April – June)

  • NFT-based hotel design announced / We want to get community feedback about the design for the NFT-based hotel, so we’ll release the basic design for it and start the feedback process.
  • Clothing integration / The first ever NFT clothing item will be airdropped to avatar and portrait holders.
  • Badge integration / At least one badge will be unlocked and wearable in-game for avatar holders.
  • First NFT furni release purchasable with NFT credits / We will continue dropping new NFTs every couple of weeks.
  • The first ever Habbo NFT collab! / The first of many collabs will see Metakey holders getting a range of different benefits in Habbo. We plan to do MANY more this year.
  • Merchandise / While we plan to do a merch release that is available to purchase by everyone first, we also want to do a drop exclusively for avatar and portrait holders.

Q3 2022 (July – September)

  • NFT-based hotel alpha announcement / We will share the basic details of what the NFT hotel alpha will look like and the release date. An alpha is the first playable version of a game.
  • Wall furni integration / Wall furni are slightly different to regular furni. As well as posters, this includes walls, wall lights, etc. The first ever NFT poster will be airdropped to avatar and portrait holders once we’ve completed this integration.
  • NFT-based room gates / We will add functionality to the live hotels that will allow you to control who enters your room, or is able to access specific parts of your room based on what NFT they own.
  • NFT chat bubbles
  • First NFT clothing release purchasable with NFT credits
  • Azerion ecosystem mints / We may allow limited minting spots with NFT credits for other Azerion ecosystem drops.
  • More collabs / After we’ve added NFT room gating and wall furni integrations, we envision more frequent and more comprehensive collabs to be possible. We want Habbo to be a prime destination for other projects looking for space in the metaverse.

Q4 2022 (October – December)

  • NFT gallery rooms / We will make it possible to display whitelisted NFTs inside Habbo rooms - Postponed to 2023.
  • NFT effect integration / The first ever NFT effect will be airdropped to avatar and portrait holders.
  • Pets integration / The first ever NFT pet will be airdropped to avatar and portrait holders.
  • Mint existing Habbo items as NFTs / We’ll make it possible to mint existing Habbo items from your inventory as NFTs. Note that the design for this isn’t done and we’re extremely keen to not affect the existing trading experience adversely - Postponed to 2023.
  • Habbo Avatars gen 2 / We want to introduce a new generation of Habbo Avatars to our project - Postponed indefinitely
  • Habbo in the metaverse / We will build a new and exciting version of Habbo Hotel in an existing, external ‘metaworld’. Discussions are taking place as we speak!
  • Trait editing: Avatar owners will be able to combine two avatars together to create a new one, mixing traits from each of the original avatars.