NFT credits

NFT credits are accumulated automatically if your wallet contains Habbo Avatars and/or Portraits that are not listed for sale on OpenSea. Connect your wallet to see how many NFT credits you have or if you want to convert them into NFT credit furni for use on Immutable X and TokenTrove.

NFT credits have a wide range of utility: weekly to bi-weekly Habbo NFT releases can be purchased only with NFT credits. All of these NFTs are instantly usable as in-game items in Habbo and in the future also in Habbo X. NFTs!

You can also purchase NFT credits even if you don’t own any of our

Token 10Token 50Token 100Token 500Token 1000

You will need Eth to purchase NFT credits from Immutable X. Here's instructions how to get some.

Check the FAQ guide at the bottom of this page for more detailed information about NFT credits and NFT credit furni.

Connect to MetaMask wallet


What are NFT credits?

You accumulate NFT credits for free on a daily basis by just owning Habbo Avatars or Habbo Portraits. You accumulate the credits based on the number of avatars and portraits you own that are not listed for sale on OpenSea.

It’s important to note that if your avatar or portrait is listed for sale on OpenSea, it will not accumulate any NFT credits for you.

What is NFT credit furni?

NFT credit furni exists as ERC-721 tokens, just like avatars, portraits and Diamond HC Sofa. NFT credit furni can be seen as similar to regular credit furni found in Habbo.

As well as the ability to list these NFTs on Immutable X and TokenTrove, they can be exchanged back into NFT credits on our website.

Note: when exchanging NFT credit furni back into NFT credits, there might be a delay of up to 1 hour before your balance changes.

Note: later this year, we’ll be making NFT credit furni usable as actual furni in-game. The designers are in the process of creating these items at the moment.

Can I get NFT credits without owning a Habbo Avatar or Portrait?

Yes, you can buy NFT credit furni from others who have listed it on Immutable X or TokenTrove, then connect your Metamask to our website to convert it into NFT credits.

How many NFT credits can I get by owning avatars and portraits?

The base gain for avatars is 10 credits per day, while for portraits it’s 5. You accumulate extra credits if you own avatars that have a rarer effect (also known as backgrounds). Check below for the bonuses:

Avatar rarity bonuses:
  • Basic H: +0
  • Golden H, Diamond H: +1
  • Rainbow H, Trippy H: +2
  • Ultra Trippy H: +3
Portrait rarity bonuses:
  • Basic, Jasper: +0
  • Coral, Amethyst, Emerald: +1
  • Rose Quartz, Moon Stone, Jade: +2
  • Amber, Ruby: +3

It’s important to note that if your avatar or portrait is listed for sale on OpenSea, it will not accumulate any NFT credits for you.

Since when have I been accumulating NFT credits on my unlisted avatars and portraits?

February 14th.

Where do I see how many NFT credits I have accumulated?

To see how many NFT credits you’ve accumulated, follow these steps:

  • 1. Visit the Habbo NFT website’s new ‘NFT Credits’ section.
  • 2. Connect your wallet.
  • 3. Done!

Are there any plans for future NFT credits utility aside from NFT credit furni?

Here are six things we either plan to in the short term or want to do in 2022:

  • 1. NFT crafting: We're currently building new functionality on our website that will allow you to craft, or 'merge' two or more of the same NFT together to create a newer, rarer one. NFT credits will be required to do this.
  • 2. Exclusive NFT items: we'll be releasing some NFT furni that will ONLY be obtainable by spending NFT credits.
  • 3. Mint existing Habbo items as NFTs: this is something we're really keen to try in the future. Imagine spending NFT credits to convert your rare Habbo items into NFTs!
  • 4. Trait editing: this is another thing we're keen to try. Being able to edit specific traits could allow you to customise your avatar
  • 5. Habbo Avatars 'gen 2': with the NFT-based hotel, we might consider doing another generation of Habbo Avatars. One way of getting one of these might be with NFT credits!
  • 6. NFT Hotel: the NFT-based hotel will most likely have some sort of currency, and NFT credits would almost certainly be exchangeable for any currency we had there.

Will I still get NFT credits if I’ve listed my avatar and portraits on marketplaces other than OpenSea?

For now, yes. But this is likely to change.

What is the Habbo NFT shop?


Browse and purchase NFTs we release with NFT credits here!
We strive to release new items once every two weeks. These NFTs are also fully usable in-game.

How do I purchase items?

To purchase an item, follow these steps:

  • 1. Visit the Habbo NFT website’s new ‘Habbo NFT shop’ section (link).
  • 2. Connect your wallet.
  • 3. You'll bring up the shop screen where you can see your balance and purchase NFT items for use in Habbo.
  • 4. The inventory tab shows you all of the NFT furni you currently own.

What kinds of items will be available for purchase?

On launch, we’ll just be selling NFT furni in the NFT shop. However, eventually we want to be able to sell other types of NFT items for use in Habbo, and not just for NFT credits.

Will I be able to buy as many of the items you sell there as I want?

Depending on the item, we may limit the number sold. If an item is going to have a limited run, we will likely put a queue system in place. The design for this is not finalised, and we have no immediate plans to limit the number of items sold in this way.

We can also put specific sale duration windows in place.

Are you committing to never bringing back items after they’ve sold out or the sale has finished?

Our goal is to not bring these items back, but we cannot commit to it. For example, some new features (or even crafting) may benefit from larger mint sizes and therefore there can be situations when we will let users buy these items again or release them in some other way. Therefore we don’t want to commit to it. It should be noted that items that are released as “limited items” where we state the mint size before the sale will not be brought back in the future.

What currency can I use in the NFT shop?

Most items will be sold for NFT credits. Then, in the future, we plan to make some items purchasable with ETH.

Are there any extra fees included when buying items from the Habbo NFT shop?

This depends on whether the item is being bought with NFT credits or ETH. Typically ETH purchases incur gas fees, so yes there could be extra fees.