Claim your free, craftable Habbo NFT furni!

Claim NFT Furni

We have received over 100k form entries for the Bronze Holo Steampunk NFT, and the form is now closed.

We’re giving out a FREE Gold Holo Steampunk furni to eligible Habbos. We’ll share more information about this on Habbo websites later this month. We will be giving out a maximum of 20,000. (This cap may change.)

Habbo NFT owners will be airdropped one Diamond Holo Steampunk per avatar and portrait owned. I.e. if you own one portrait and two avatars, you’ll be airdropped three Diamond Holo Steampunks. You will only get these NFTs if your wallet is connected to IMX. You can connect your wallet to IMX on our website, click here to do so.

We plan to airdrop ALL NFTs (bronze, gold and diamond) on March 23rd.

In late March, you’ll be able to craft Holo Steampunks together!

Claim NFT Furni

In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding a feature to our website that will allow you to craft five of each Holo Steampunk together to create the next rarest one (see above for the order of rarity). It’ll cost a certain amount of NFT credits to craft each one.

To craft five bronze steampunks into a gold one, you’ll need 0 NFT credits.
To craft five gold steampunks into a diamond one, you’ll need 100 NFT credits.
To craft five diamond steampunks into a rainbow one, you’ll need 500 NFT credits.

Further Information

When will you airdrop the NFTs I’ve claimed or are supposed to receive?

We plan to airdrop all NFTs on March 23rd.

Why will it cost NFT credits to craft the rarer Holo Steampunks?

We want to bring utility to NFT credits and this is the first interesting way to use them. We will introduce more and more ways to spend NFT credits.

Will the Gold Holo Steampunk NFT be available to all players on all nine Habbo websites?


I’m a long-term Habbo player. When will I find out how to claim a Gold Holo Steampunk NFT?

Keep your eye on the news section of each of the Habbo websites. We’ll be publishing an article detailing who is eligible for the airdrop, how you’ll be able to submit your IMX enabled Metamask wallet address to us, and other important information.

When will I be able to use to craft my Holo Steampunks?

We plan to launch the new crafting feature on our website on March 23rd, although there could be delays. We will announce any delays on our Twitter account and Discord server.

How can I get extra Holo Steampunks in order to craft the rarer ones?

All Holo Steampunks will be found on IMX and TokenTrove, so you should be able to pick extra ones up for use in crafting.

Where can I get NFT credits from in order to craft?

Just like the Holo Steampunks themselves, you can use IMX to pick up NFT credit furni that can be converted back into NFT credits on our website.

Why isn’t the Habbo NFT website translated into my language?

At the moment, we don’t plan to translate the Habbo NFT website into other languages. However, if the project and team expands, this could change in the future.

The same goes for our Twitter account and Discord server.

Will these NFTs be usable in-game?

Yes, like all NFT furni, these will be usable in-game.